Profesorbaker talks about Vietnam Travel Agency “Vietnam Original Travel”

Mr Profesorbaker is over 60 years old and as a retiree, he has a lot of free time.  Besides doing garden and go to dancing class, he travels to new destinations every winter or summer.  He was recommended by his friend to visit Vietnam which was a totally new place in South East Asia. Profesorbaker said that when he was searching Vietnam Travel Agency on Google, there were many companies shown. He clicked on each suggestion with the hope to find the best one. Then he made a list of trusted Vietnam Travel agency and emailed to all.

All agencies replied very quickly but some showed the problems with their English capabilities and others were bad when their information seemed to be copied from some websites. Profesorbaker only was impressed at first with Vietnam Original Travel as their information was clear and adequate. They also made a call to him in order to get deeper understanding about his expectation.

The trip with Vietnam Original Travel – the first Vietnam Travel Agency brought profesorbaker a great experience. After the trip, he had detailed reviews on some forums and his own blog which may be helpful to travelers about destinations, how to find good Vietnam Travel Agency, what to do, and what to eat…

Profesorbaker firstly mentioned about an overview of Vietnam as below:

Vietnam lies on the East of the Indochinese peninsula which looks like the letter “S” due to the strip of land shape. Vietnam borders with China to the North, Cambodia and Laos to the West, the East Sea to the East and Thailand Gulf to the West and South. With the coastline of 3260 km long, Vietnam has many beautiful beaches such as Tra Co, Lang Co, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Ha Tien…Besides, Vietnam also is endowed with a long mountain range of Truong Son (with 2 breathtaking passes, Ngang pass and Hai Van pass) and stunning Bay of Halong (with karst mountain jutting out from the sea and wonderful grottos).

He also described in his own English blog about first destination – Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. Professorbaker was impressed by the unique architectures of beautiful colonial villas and old tree lines on boulevards. He had a tour with Vietnam Travel Agency – Vietnam Original Travel here as Hanoi was not easy to discover by himself. There are many places in which visitors need useful information from guides such as Temple of literature, National Museum of history, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Vietnamese Women Museum or the old quarter…

  • Ho Chi Minh mausoleum was built in 1975 by the collaboration of engineers from Vietnam and former Soviet Union to keep the remains of President Ho Chi Minh who is the “world cultural activist” and great patriot of Vietnam. The Mausoleum is open to public from Tuesday to Sund Day.
  • Temple of literature was built in 1070 in honor of Confucius and his followers and Chu Van An (a moral figure in Vietnam education). The temple is the first university of Vietnam and was the school for royal family members and later opened to talented students.

Professorbaker advised visitors to spend time on exploring some handicraft villages nearby including Bat Trang pottery, Van Phuc Silk, Dong Ki wood carving…where visitor can get deeper understanding about Vietnam.

The second destination of Mr Professorbaker and was also recommended by many travellers and Vietnam Travel agency which is Halong Bay. Halong is one of the most marvelous destinations in the world with hundreds of historical, cultural and natural relics. Viewed from above, Halong look like a dragon down to land. Halong is recognized as Natural Heritage on 1994 by UNESCO due to its wonderful geographical and geomorphologic values. Visitors are advised by Prfessorbaker to spend 2 days 01 night on cruise for exploring the islands, caves and enjoy great activities such as, swimming, kayaking, boat rowing…

The final destination in the Northern route was Sapa where Professorbaker met ethnic minorities who stayed on hills with their tribes.  He mentioned that the landscape in mountainous areas were amazing with very deep valley with very steep sides made of rock and windy roads. Almost people here could not speak English but some spoke very well, especially sellers.

Sapa is a romantic and beautiful town to the North of Lao Cai province which is famous for numerous tourist attraction including Ham Rong mountain, Silver waterfall, Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave….Visitors to Sapa should find a Vietnam Travel Agency to discover totally unique customs of the locals. In the central town, old and new villas with red roofs appear and disappear in the green rows of p-mu tree which has brought the town the beautiful European towns.  In Sapa, Visitors do not forget to visit market of H’Mong and Red Dao which open every Saturday night. The market is the place for exchanging and trading local products as well as meeting place for young people who are finding partner. This market is locally known as “Cho Tinh – Love market”.

In general, trip to the Northern Vietnam of Professorbaker was amazing. After the tour, he has found that visitors should buy tours from a Vietnam Travel Agency in some places, but we may not need in the others.