I love Da Lat city.

Why I love Da Lat?

Life is a trip. It is interesting when you have new experience. Discovering the new world or finding new land is very exciting. The life is boring if we don’t have trips. There are many beautiful lands in all over the world. One of them is Vietnam which has many beautiful landscapes. You can find the new experiences and pleasure.

There are many beautiful lands to visit in Vietnam; one of them is Da Lat city. I love Da Lat city a lot. Although, have visited for several times, I still love to come back again.

Da Lat city is very beautiful. The period from November to February is considered as the best time to see flowers. During this period, farmers are harvesting to sell before Vietnamese New Year which makes the atmosphere livelier and more hurly-burly. You can enjoy flowers and explore the local activities here. From March to June, Da Lat has very little rain and is very cool.  Discovering the city at night is also great.

How to travel to Da Lat?

If depart from Ho Chi Minh City, you can travel by car, bus, motorcycle or airplane. Bus and car are quite safe and convenient, but it takes quite a long time up to 4 or 5 hours. The most interesting vehicle is motorcycle. You can discover a lot of things on the way. During the trip if you get tired or want to enjoy the landscape, you could stop at any time. However, it is dangerous if you are not familiar with driving or road in Vietnam.


Where to live and what to see in Da Lat?

Da Lat is a touristy city, but there are many great hotels or resorts namely Edensee Lake Resort & Spa, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, Peace Resort, Dalat Cadasa Resort, Du Parc, Saphir Dalat Hotel… These places are all famous and extremely beautiful and are easy to find. However, if you want to be discounted, you should make reservation in advance.

In Da Lat, there are many wonderful sites to explore such as,

Da Lat city has plenty of wonderful sites to visit. In the center, you can see Da Lat Market (Sheol Market) which is the most famous one and has so many specialties. Bao Dai Palace (also known as Palace III), Dalat Railway Station, Dalat Flower Gardens, Dalat Cathedral (Church Chicken) Highlands Biological Institute/Institute of Biology Dalat, Domaine de Cathedral Marie/Territory Notre Dame, College of Pedagogy Dalat (beautiful architectural wonders built during the French colony) are suggested sites. Besides, valley of Muoi Loi peach flower with many beautiful and strange flowers is very suitable for nature lovers. Furthermore, Linh Phuoc Pagoda is a unique work here which is built with a lot of debris of glasses and being also called Temple bottles.

In the North central zone, there are Love and Spring Valleys, Suoi Vang lake (Golden Spring), Lang Biang Mountain which were all built up by the talented man. Views of nature here is very beautiful and romantic which is suitable dating couples.

Dalat Tuyen Lam Lake, Truc Lam, Prenn Waterfall, Waterfall Datanla are located in the Southern city. Here nature is very beautiful and majestic.

There are numerous delicious dishes in Da Lat such as soup with bread, dirt cake, Light hamlet beef noodle, grilled nem, Strawberry cream, Quang noodle, Café and yogurt, Thanh Tri steamed rice roll…

To sum up, Da Lat has many great things to offer from landscape to food. You should not miss this place during your trip in Vietnam