Chile ‘Thriller’ Protest: Students Stage Michael Jackson Dance For Education (Video)


June 25 – Chilean students stage a mass performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in a protest over higher education.

Student demonstrators took to the streets of Santiago dressed as goblins and ghouls from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video in their latest spirited pursuit of higher education reforms.

As they re-created Jackson’s iconic moves in front of La Moneda presidential palace, students said the zombie motif was an appropriate metaphor for the Chilean education system, which they described as “rotten” and “dead.” In recent weeks, similar — albeit less colorful — rallies have reportedly been staged, including some which demand the resignation of the Minister of Education.

“Public education is dying so we took this Michael Jackson creation and we united to this movement that is dying, the zombies,” one student is quoted as saying. “At its heart, that’s what it is. And behind each zombie, there’s a family. This has much deeper meaning.”

Source: Huffington Post
Video: Reuters / Youtube

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